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I specialize in providing counseling services to adults aged 18 years and above. As a tele-mental health provider, I conduct all sessions virtually, ensuring convenient access and flexible scheduling for my clients. The virtual counseling sessions are conducted using a HIPAA secure platform called, Simple Practice.

Please note that my services are exclusively available to the current residents of Michigan, as I am currently licensed in this state. My primary focus is on serving the people of rural Michigan, addressing their unique mental health needs. I provide tele-mental health therapy to address the following:

low self-esteem
Guilt and shame
Parenting and relationships
Grief and loss
Pre-marital counseling
Women’s issues
Stress management
Conflict resolution
Christian counseling
Multicultural counseling
College students (both national and international students)
Individuals with chronic or terminal illness
Consultation and counseling for other counseling professionals